Read the Story Behind the “Silver Gate”

          While contemplating a career change away from Public Service and into Real Estate Consulting, I set a goal to establish my own firm within 5 years.  By 2004, I owned several investment properties. Most Saturdays, my beloved Tucker (Smooth-haired Collie/Shepherd mix seen with me in the photo below) and I would jump in my old Ford Ranger Pickup and drive to a few of my properties to perform grounds maintenance or home improvements.  Tucker got to the point where he could discern Saturdays from the rest of the week as he would stand behind the truck waiting to jump in.  Around this same period, I owned a City rental property located directly behind my primary residence.  These two properties were connected via an old chain link fence.  Tucker, now 9 years old and still quite agile, would simply leap over a low point in the fence to join me in yard mowing, etc.  On one particular Saturday, Tucker’s rear leg became painfully lodged in the top of the fence.  After pulling him loose, I instantly decided to install a gate into this 40+ year old fence. My Neighbor just happened to own an old, rusty gate that seemed perfect for the fence.  Tucker and I now had a project!!
          After pulling off overgrown ivy and debris from the gate, I sanded off the rust and applied a coat of brilliant silver paint.  I then temporarily hung the gate onto a clothes line while the new paint dried.  Just then I glanced at Tucker, sitting in his normal prim and proper stance and staring at the gate with a keen interest…almost to say, “it’s about time, Paul!”.   Just at the moment a thought came to mind.  Now that I had committed to becoming a Realtor and one day owning my own firm, I concluded that Silvergate was the perfect name given its relevance to real estate as well as my adored Tucker.
          In August, 2010, I realized my goal of establishing Silvergate Realty.  “Silvergate” means so much to me now that Tucker is gone (he passed during late 2009 after 14 wonderful years).  So when you see the Silvergate logo, know that there is a very special connection. My passion for Tucker lives on through my business endeavors.  Thank you for your interest in Silvergate Realty.
Paul Muhlberger, Broker/Owner

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